Radiant Heart Sessions

Enlightening Our DNA ~
One Heart at a time.

Do you long to feel more calmness in your heart?

Do you long for a more authentic connection to your own life and purpose?

Do you long to have deeper and more meaningful relationships?

Can you imagine what it would be like to feel happy more of the time;

most of the time?

Here’s to Enlightening our DNA ~ One Heart at a time.

What to expect in a Radiant Heart Session ~ 

Every session is unique to the person presenting and I will always have the map of your DNA as a background to the session, in the form of your HD and Gene Keys Chart ~ 

We will determine if you have a Heart Wall. Most people do. And if your system is ready to remove some layers or if preliminary work is necessary first (quite normal). Everyone has their own pace for this work and the average number of trapped emotions can be between 15 and 30. However, some people have as few as 3 and some people have up to 94. As we heal our hearts they begin to open to the sunshine of love and to blossom and flower. 

After that, or woven through these sessions, there is the deeper work with our Inner Children ~ those tender little beings who still hold the hurts, confusion and upset from our earlier years, or even from our time in the womb.

I am so excited to be able to offer these sessions. As we clear ourselves, we clear our ancestral DNA also, which affects those who came before and those who come after us. Often, grateful ancestors present during these sessions and relationships within families begin to heal and become freer and more fulfilling.

Would you like to book a session?

(More than one session will most likely be needed).