Gene Key Guidance

Dear Friends

In April, 2022, I will begin offering a new type of session. Last year I became a Guide to the Gene Keys. Most of you will be familiar with the Gene Keys, because I have mentioned them often through the years. For me, Human Design and the Gene Keys partner each other excellently, on our path of Self Inquiry and Individuation. Personally, the information I have from these two systems has changed my life and continues to nourish and enrich my choices and awareness on an ongoing basis.

Are you seeking to truly understand your own recurring patterns?
Are you seeking to embrace your full purpose for this lifetime?
Do you long to activate your true Vocation?

Starting in April 2022, I will be offering to Guide you through the Golden Path. This is Richard Rudd’s incredibly profound exposition of the basic ‘mapping’ of our DNA that the Human Design system affords us, but with a very different tone. The Golden Path is a deeply personal path of discovery, through contemplation. It brings us to some of the deepest personal work we can do in life. Richard calls it a map of our wounding ~ and indeed it is. We get to journey slowly and contemplatively through our own Golden Path, a sequence through our own DNA coding. Through this path we begin to realize, at a deeper level what our purpose is in life, how to heal our relationships, and how to move prosperously through the world. One exploration of the full Golden Path will take at least a year of our lives ~ but it can be done in three stages.

The Activation Sequence can be explored through a 4-month period. This affords us an insight into our true Purpose and through contemplation on the relevant Gene Keys begins to create a core stability in your life.

The Venus Sequence through a 6-month period affords us a deep, insightful view into our relationships and our development from the beginning of our life in the womb through the all important developmental 21 years of life. This is truly some of the deepest work we can do.

The Pearl Sequence through a 4-month period, opens out the energies of prosperity by exploring our true vocation, which inspires our true fractal of allies to be magnetized to us.

This is a self-study course and many choose to do it that way. However, having a Guide really helps, as the work is deep and profound and I have watched many people begin this and not continue on their own. As a Guide I can assist to keep you on track, and to meet once or twice monthly with you. Whichever you prefer.

I will do your Golden Path alongside you and create personalized contemplations for you do to as you travel along. In all I will create 11 personalized contemplations for each wound/shadow. I will gently include information from Human Design and from my long-time study of meditation. My intention will be to simplify and elucidate the path for you.

Studying with me will involve you registering on the Gene Key site and receiving the self-guided course. You will have ample material to study between sessions with me and you can bring your questions and pondering back to our time together.

Another option will be to gather with a group of friends and do the Golden Path together. I would love to Guide your group, and this would also cut down on the cost of personal sessions with me, as the group would all pay, reducing the overall cost for the individual. In a group, there will be less time for me to focus on each individual, but the group energy is a marvelous thing, and members of the group can help each other between calls.

I am an affiliate of the Gene Keys Society, in an effort to align with the Kindness Economy that is dawning through Richard’s work and his modeling of how to keep returning energy and money back to the Source of this study. When you reach the Pearl Sequence in your own path, you will be learning more about how the Kindness Economy works. For me, this is such an important part of the future for us and for our planet.

If you are interested in taking this longer journey with me, please reply to this email and we can discuss designing a program that will resonate with you personally.

You can support my work further by using my affiliate link to the Gene Keys any time you purchase anything on that site. Here is my link:

Some of the money received will go towards building a little meditation hermitage in the mountains.

Are you ready to go deeper? Are you seeking to truly understand your own recurring patterns?

Are you seeking to embrace your full purpose for this lifetime?

Do you long to activate your true Vocation?

All of these questions will be explored as we travel the Golden Path together.

Full hearted commitment will be needed. This depth of work will have little value if it is entered into in a half-hearted way.

Is this invitation for you?

All Blessings

Áine ~