Human Design Sessions

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All my Human Design Sessions are recorded.
I also send print-outs of information that relate to your chart.

NOTE: Sessions are by referral only. Please send an email to Áine before you book a session. Here is the email address to use:

Also, you will need an email address for setting up sessions and receiving the recording and print-outs. This is a requirement. Thank you.

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From my sessions with many of you last year (2023) we discovered together that A LOT can be covered in a 45 minute session. And because of the cost effectiveness of shorter sessions, many of you booked in for a series of sessions. This was when the most work could be done and I know from your feedback that these shorter sessions, done more frequently, were very helpful for many of you. For this reason I am offering packages of 45 min sessions again this year. Please see below.

New Session Packages of 45 mins sessions for 2024*:

Single 45 minute session $99.00

Two 45 minute sessions
*Both Sessions must be used within 3 months

Three 45 minute sessions
*All Sessions must be used within 4 months

Four 45 minute sessions
*All Sessions must be used within 5 months

Five 45 minute sessions
*All Sessions must be used within 6 months
Ten 45 minute sessions
*All Sessions must be used within 12 months

*When sessions are purchased as a package they must be booked in with me upon purchase (email me in advance: and the package will expire after a certain date that will be included in your purchase. For instance, if you buy 5 sessions they must be used within 6 months from purchase date. Package of 10 sessions must be used within 12 months. If bought as a package there will be no refund for a no show. I will work with you to find a time that works for you. If you simply don’t show up, the fee will not be refunded. You can change the day and time of your session up to 48 hours before your appointment time.

Foundation Readings

Zoom Call Recorded Session $165

With the Foundation Reading in Human Design you have the choice of a Zoom session with me, and having your chart on the screen. We will spend 75 mins exploring this and going over the basic areas of your design. I will introduce you to your Body Graph. The foundation reading is the most important reading. In it I will cover your aura type, your Inner Authority (how best to make decisions), your strategy, (how to move with the least resistance through life) and your profile. Your profile is the costume you wear in order to live out your purpose. Knowing your profile increases your self-understanding and appreciation. The call is recorded. I consider this the optimal way to be introduced to your Design.

Personalized Print-Out $55

You can also choose to have me prepare a written Print-Out of your Design to accompany your Foundation Reading. This can be very helpful to have and may consist of added information than you receive in the live session. Please do not order a Print-Out unless you also plan to have a Foundation Reading.

Zoom Call Recorded Session + A Personalized Print-Out. $242

Most people, through the years have chosen to have both a Zoom call and a written Print-Out. This is what I recommend and through a combination of our conversation and explanations, and the written information, the keynotes are delivered in various ways, and registered more deeply into the DNA.

Foundation 75 minute Gift Token (gift certificate) $165

A foundation reading that you may gift to someone else (like a gift certificate). After purchase, you will receive an email message with a download link to a PDF Gift Token that you may either email to a friend or loved one, or print to mail or give to them.  If you enjoy this work, and would like to gift a reading to someone in your life, it’s always wonderful to introduce others to Human Design this way!

Follow Up Session $140

It is best to then have a follow-up session on this basic information after a month or six weeks. During this session we can go over the basics again and do a review on what meaning this information has had for you in your own life since receiving it. Human Design is a practice. It is not simply information. Living into your design becomes a daily way of behaving and perceiving both yourself and the world around you. Having a mentor has proven to be so helpful to many people I have already worked with and continue to work with.

30 Minute Follow-Up Sessions $72

You can then choose to have as many follow-up sessions as you feel you need. We can also do 30 minute sessions at this stage as a way of going deeper and deeper into the knowledge. There is a vast amount of knowledge in this system. However, it takes time for it to percolate into and communicate with your cells.

45 Minute Follow-Up Sessions $99

G-Center Readings (Requires previous foundational reading)

Short G-Center Reading (30 Minutes) $72

Longer 1 Hour G-Center Reading $140
(More in-depth within the context of a full chart)

The G-Center is the center of love and direction. I have had my own revelations around the beauty and purpose of this center and how, by looking at the configuration of our own G-Center, within the the context of our whole chart, we can receive inspiration and focus on how to be a Chalice of Love, for ourselves and for others.

Incarnation Cross Reading $165

Then, when this information is percolating through into your life we can do a reading on your Incarnation Cross. We are all born on a certain Cross. Our Cross contains our purpose in life. This can truly be a fascinating session. However, it is important to know and have practiced the basics before exploring this level of a reading.

Connection Chart $185

I can also run a connection chart between two people. It is advisable for both to have a foundation reading first, so that there is a basic understanding of the chart. However, if the other person is not interested, we can simply run a connection chart for you to understand more clearly how to better relate to the other.

Once you get into Human Design you will find you are running the charts of friends and family. By running a connection chart for you, you can see how your Bodygraph interacts with that of someone close to you. I can’t tell you how helpful this is. Mostly we don’t understand each other. Having a ‘map’ of our blueprint can prove to be so very helpful, in both supporting ourselves and others in relationship.

If we know the Human Design of our children and grandchildren it can truly make their lives easier. They can be recognized for who they are and not compared to anyone else. Each one of us is unique. Exploring our Bodygraph can lead us to a deep appreciation of ourselves and others.

Life Cycle Readings $165

If you want to go deeper into this study, as many do, I can run a Life Cycle Chart for you. We have cycles within our lives. We can find the exact date by running your chart. Some of the more important ones are:
The Annual Solar Return. This chart can be run each year a month or two before your birthday. It will give you a preview of some of the important energetic dynamics for the coming year. This can be profoundly helpful. Through this reading and all cycle readings you will become more and more familiar with your natal design. This will continue to support your deepening into the knowledge.
The First Saturn Return (around age 28-30) The time at which you ‘stop being a child’. Shifting into responsibility. Usually marked by some significant life change.
This can be a time of your Life Role, Purpose and Identity coming more into focus.
A reading on this Return can give you valuable guidance and understanding, and help you to navigate through this all important passage in your life.
The Uranus Opposition (somewhere between 38 and 42). Mid-life. Shifting from the South Node environment to the North Node environment. A wonderful reading to do to help you navigate through this period in your life. This reading can really give you a perspective on your life journey, help you to review and to move forward more consciously.
The Chiron return (around age 50) The Chiron Return can be a time of great flowering in your life, if you are living your Design. If not, it can be a time of psychological pain. The importance of knowing your natal design and living into it increases the likelihood of this time being one of flowering into real purpose.
The Second Saturn return (in our early sixties). Depending on whether we are living into our Design or not, the Second Saturn return can be a repeat in many ways of the First Saturn, or a marvelous time of deepening into your life purpose.

Charts for Infants $165

One of my greatest delights is to do a chart for a new born. It is so fascinating to know the Design of an infant and to be able to share this with its parents and grandparents. This can help the child so much to be acknowledged for who they really are, rather than the expectations that may arise, and the comparison to siblings.

There is a lot of information now available on the internet about Human Design and it can get pretty confusing. Ra Uru Hu is the inceptor of this incredible system. I have a deep respect for him. He was a rather radical individual and some find his manner difficult. But for me he is a breath of fresh air, as he goes straight to the point. His mastery is in describing the mechanics of Maya. We all know the word Maya as meaning the illusion of life. Ra, through this system, truly explores, explains and exposes the mechanics behind the illusions. But more than that, through practicing the system of Human Design he shows us a way out of the illusion.

I have a deep passion for this work, simply because over the past nine years it has proven to be almost eerily exact. People recognize when they hear about their Design and it brings a great relief. Truly it helps us to understand why we are the way we are. And it gives us terminology to help explain who we are to our close ones.

Every analyst will have their own style and understanding of this system. This is a message to those on ‘my fractal’. Having attended classes on this system for three and half years I understand the importance of having things explained. I believe having a mentor who understands the system can make all the difference.

*My sessions and information are a form of Spiritual Healing. They do not claim to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor are they intended to prescribe in any way.