My Approach

I am calling the branch of my work that has grown rather beautifully out of my study of Human Design, “Radiant Rhythm, Divine Design”.

I have been studying, qualifying in and practicing Human Design since 2013. It is a living experiment. During these years my life has changed. Exploring my own design has led me into the deep waters of conditioning out of my cells that which is the Not-Self. Having been a student and explorer of consciousness for forty years I have to say that this system which Ra Uru Hu downloaded is, in my experience, profoundly exact.

Through learning about our own unique design, and everyone is unique, we can learn how to make decisions correctly. We can learn about how our aura operates. We can learn about the profile of our body and our soul/personality.

What is marvelous about this information is that it supplies us with a design, not just for the personality/soul, but for the unconscious/body wisdom. No other system I have encountered does that so exactly, so precisely.

I have been sharing this knowledge with people for years. The moment I began my study I began to share. At this stage there is a small collective of people who have been practicing this and realizing the benefits.

The most important thing is that we get to understand in a very deep and profound way, how we are designed, what it is to be Our Self. We are all different. Having a map of this is significantly meaningful. As we explore and understand our own design more fully, we can enter into relationship in a far more meaningful way. This relationship can be with our spouse, our children, our extended family, our friends and colleagues.

Having this knowledge can deepen our appreciation of each other. It can help us to navigate relationships. Most of all it can supply us with the essential information about ourselves, who we are designed to be and how we can reach our full potential.

This is not an ‘easy fix’. You can enter into this knowledge as deeply as you are called to, but even the basic, foundation reading, supplies keynotes that can begin to help us immediately.

The ‘world’ and ‘society’ teach us how to behave in a homogenized way. We are taught to conform, to behave. Imagine a society, which I am thoroughly convinced will dawn in the future, where each person is understood and encouraged to be unique, encouraged to reach their own unique potential. This is some of what this knowledge can supply to you.

I encourage you all, if you have not yet had a foundation reading, to do so. If you have already had a reading with me, which many of you have, I encourage you to re-visit this information and to take it to the next level through a follow up session.

You can read a brief description of the different sessions I offer