Permission to Be Free

Re-Membering Freedom

This system, which I have been studying in an ongoing way, is profound. Many know just the surface and what can be found on the net. Many have ‘judged’ it while only having superficial knowledge of what it really is. Richard Rudd was inspired by this system. It is the foundational system out of which his own brilliance burst forth. Ra Ura Hu mentions that we can all write our own I Ching if we really embody the template. I believe this is what Richard Rudd did. I know many of us are deeply grateful he was so inspired!

I am a foundational, investigator and experimenter.   I am focused on future solutions for the collective, not in an outer activist way, but in an inner activist way. This is in my Design.

This system has been invaluable to me in learning more about my own Life Design, both conscious and unconscious. It is a marvelous tool for accessing the unconscious in a very precise way. It gives us the means, not only to know our innate gifts, talents and purpose, but it also gives us a road map to explore our own individual shadow. I believe so deeply, and get to truly know more and more, that until we face ourselves, until we awaken to the shadow dream and admit it to ourselves, we will always be ‘chasing after’ realization, studying different books, following different leaders. However, the age we are now cusping into is not about following the leader.

It is about realizing no one can lead us, so perfectly and profoundly, through every moment of our lives, as the Inner Leader ~ that part of us that has so many names in the New Age Movement, but succinctly speaking it is the imprint of Source Love/Light that is our very foundational, creational matrix. It is what we are crafted upon. It is what we are. The journey, as we all know, is how to make real, lasting and meaningful connection with Our Self. Until we do, we can’t make any real, lasting or meaningful connection with anyone else.

While preparing charts I realize anew that the most important place to start is with identifying the shadow. HD gives us marvelous tools to do just that. By studying in depth the shadow of each center, and then by truly meditating on our own behavioral reactions and responses we can slowly but surely begin to discern the grip of the shadow matrix within us. It is actually woven into our DNA as an ultimate trigger to our awakening. And so, the paradox is that we truly have to have the courage to admit to ourselves our own shadow behavior. We do everything to avoid this.

We blame, project, feel wounded, abandoned, hurt, distraught, angry, and desperate until the suffering becomes so intolerable that we have no choice left but to start to pay attention. That is where so many on earth are now. These are the days of exposing the internal shadow. That’s why the shadow on the outside seems so big. This is the work we have to do. Gone are the days when we can ‘get away’ with blaming the government, the people who promote war, or those who have religious, ethnical, cultural intolerance. The only real essential work, that we all have the power to do, is to confront our own shadow. We are the world. What happens on the outside, is a reflection of what is, mostly, being neglected, on the inside. Once we identify our own shadow behavior it is already starting to change, just through that recognition it can never have the same grip again.

All this awareness at a new and heightened level inspired me to give four conference calls on how to identify and deal with our own personal shadows. I based these talks on Human Design and it will be necessary to have your chart as a reference while you are listening and following along. I go systematically through all the 9 centers and circuitry. If you have your chart you will be able to apply what I am sharing in a general way specifically to your own Design.

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