Reflections on Human Design

My Personal Experience of Human Design

I discovered Human Design when a friend gifted me a copy of the Manifestor’s Manifesto. This was a very important book for me to read. She gave me this book because she knew that according to my Human Design Chart my aura type was that of a Manifestor. Manifestors are only between 8 to 9% of the population. I have often thought it would have been marvelous to have this information when I was younger, as it all made so much sense to me.

Since understanding my own aura type I understand that I am here to initiate, to get things started. I also became consciously aware that my aura is impactful and that it is good if I inform others before I act in a way that is going to impact them! It has been quite the journey to become consciously aware of the impact of my own aura.

Human Design affords us the vital information on how best to make decisions. Everyone is designed uniquely and woven into that design is one of seven ways of making decisions. Not everyone is designed to make decisions in the same way. For me this is really the liberating aspect of our Design. Making decisions is such an important part of our lives. Making decisions correctly can lead to liberation. Through correct decision making we can discover the TRUE path of our lives.

I have a rare type of inner authority called Ego Manifested Authority. It means simply that I need to have the ‘will’ to do something. If I do something ‘against my will’ it likely will not work out for me. I have always known I have a strong will, but as a child this was not always seen as a ‘good thing’. Knowing the truth of my design allows me to celebrate my strong will and to rightfully engage it.

What I so love about Human Design is that we each receive the unique blueprint of our own purpose and path to wholeness. It is a study and a practice not an easy fix. However, it is one of the most rewarding studies I have done in my forty years of research into consciousness. It is also one of the most liberating and self-affirming.

In the past eight years I have shared Human Design with everyone who wants to listen The result is that there is a small collective of us truly practicing this and the results are palpable. We are being liberated from the ‘not self’ conditioned responses and becoming more and more liberated and empowered to be who we are truly here to be.

This is one of my passions and I am eager to share this with you and assist you in beginning on the path to greater Self Knowledge, giving you at the same time the important tools to practice along the way.